BadgerMan101 is a contractor hired by Dodge Them All to complete graphical, as well as programming contracts. He is best known for being in close relation to Steven Markaterios, developing the website, and creating the Dodge Them All Logo and Symbol. Badger has had major influence in the direction of Dodge Them All, often times being moral support as well as a source of stress relief for Steven. In 2014, Badger attempted to create his own server in juxtaposition to Dodge Them All, but the plan fell through after the condition of DTAs server administration improved. Badger has attempted to launch on YouTube multiple times, but he has been met with an unfavorable viewing audience. Currently, he is redesigning the Dodge Them All website, as well as developing a plugin for a potential new Dodge Them All server.

Dodge Them All: Official (2013-2014) Edit

Badgerman101 did not have significant influence within Dodge Them All until it's conclusion. Upon taking interest in the server, he created his own company, BadgerCorp, which operated farms and stores around Diamond City. He often participated in server meetings and suggested ideas on the forums pertaining to common issues. The main complaints that he voiced were: 1. The lack of staff to player interation; 2. The amount of fighting between staff members. Badger agreed with the concept of a reformed economy, however, did not know exactly how that system would work. The economy never fully recovered, and was a major issue even after the foundation of Deepshore.

Badger also made major political impact within the Official server, showing up and presenting ideas at most meetings. Badger was part of a select few who developed the Riverwood region, an area of political exemption from Diamond City, that lived under its own rules. His participation in Riverwood showed his dedication to reforming the server into something better.

Development Projects Edit

Many of Dodge Them All's representative works were created by Badger. The Dodge Them All Logo was designed by him after a conceptual designed was prepared by Steven Markaterios. The website was also designed according to a conceptual design, as well as the symbol. These features are significant, as they are plastered all over every Dodge Them All project, from YouTube videos to other social media.

BadgerMan101's Minecraft Skin, as well as his YouTube Channel Icon.
Occupation Graphical and Programming Contractor
Age 17
Residence Southeastern Wisconsin, USA
Joined Summer 2014
Previous Occupations Server Engineer, Graphical Designer