David Collins (Soccerpro123) Edit

David Collins, more commonly known as soccerpro123, is the founder of Dodge Them All, as well as a Past Director and Vice President of both Dodge Them All: Official and Dodge Them All: City Build. Collins created DTA in February of 2011, and has not recalled exactly why he named the server Dodge Them All (Spleef Paradise). After operating the server for a few months, he lost interest and let his brother, Dodger, take control of the server. Under this administration, Capierian and Gvhf led the server to grow and expand in unique ways. Steven Markaterios would eventually join during this time. Collins returned to the operation of the server just as it was destroyed by hackers, a coincidence that neither Markaterios or Collins have agreed upon since its occurrence. Collins would then create Dodge Them All: MC-Dek, and later, Dodge Them All: Official. The MC-Dek server was of much controversy, as many of the previous staff on Spleef Paradise were not familiar and did not trust the new leader dekema2. Relations with dekema2 would eventually turn sour, and it is unknown how their relations are today. Collins eventually allowed Markaterios to implement the Director System, to which he was nominated as one of the four, until his institution into the Dodge Them All Hall of Fame. After the collapse of the system, Collins relinqueshed all propriatary rights of Dodge Them All to Markaterios. Today he studies Civil Engineering in New York.

David Collins
Occupation Founder of Dodge Them All, retired in 2014.
Age 21
Residence New York, USA
Joined February 2011
Previous Occupations Founder, Owner, Director, Vice President, Chief Engineer, Hall of Fame