The UHC Events Edit

The UHC events were devised by BadgerMan101 and Josh Billington to take advantage of the ongoing trend of UHC. The events led to the inception of them as managers, even though the project detestably failed. The general premise of a UHC is separating the players into small teams and putting them against each other, while only being able to regenerate health with golden apples. Two events were created, and the second ended so poorly that it aired on few of the participants channels and generated less than expected views on the main Dodge Them All channel.

First Event Edit

When the idea for a UHC finally reached fruition, Josh and Steven set up the arena settings for many hours; this is joked about widely throughout the video series. Steven constructed the simple but overproduced set of the series, while Badger focused on inviting people to the event.

An initial crew of 16 was expected and planned for, however the results yielded only 6 people, mainly consisting of the four managers. The only outside players were ErrorusMaximus, who reprised his role in the next event, and Cureless Gaming. Cureless was the first character to die, followed by the Marakterios' brothers at the hands of the other two managers. The event came to a close as Errorus hid out in the (unintentionally included) spawn, and the two managers stalked from a nearby island. Errorus was forced into their lands by time and slaughtered, yielding a win for the managers.

Second Event Edit

After the poor/decent performance of the first video set, another UHC was planned since the managers enjoyed doing it for fun. All previous participants reprised their roles except Cureless, who was replaced with InfinityDaniel. Billington had worked on a new UHC design that had custom command block controls so that the system would work more effectively; the design had some flaws which delayed the start of the UHC by a number of minutes. Prior to the start of the UHC, Steven Markaterios had constructed the spawn and hidden secret chests underneath the ground within the game. This proved to be a fatal mistake for the longevity of the game.

Alek and Steve partnered immediately as they had agreed to meet at spawn. Under sick coincidence, Steve spawned right over one of the chests he had placed prior. They were the first team to form, and waited out a majority of the match to not give away their secret. In the late game, they mistakenly killed Badger, who decided that their armor was too advanced for the game duration. Badger stopped the game and a large argument brewed, which was eventually resolved with an apologetic memo.

The series was released on the official channel and received decent view performance. Another UHC was not planned due to the sour atmosphere created.

The team during the UHC event.
Date September 7th, 2015
Involved Steven Markaterios, Aleksandr Markaterios, ProGameBot, BadgerMan101, SyncedCyberSoul, Maximus Errorus
Result Cancellation of Future UHC Events

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